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Name:  Jonas S. Gray
Location: city, state: Phoenix, AZ
Years Experience:  10
Cranes Operated: Sm./Lg. Hydro-Lattice Truck@Crawler-Towers
List Certifications: CCO Certified in all 5 Categories
Contact phone number with area code: (480) 299-7073

Jonas S. Gray

Name: Jay Kelso
Location (city, state): Phoenix, AZ
Years Experience: 20 years general construction, 17 years crane operator
Cranes Operated: Towers, Large & Small Hydro, Crawler or Truck Lattice Boom - Specialist in Tower Cranes
List Certifications: NCCCO Certified in all 5 crane categories
Contact Phone: (602) 689-5767

Jay Kelso

Name : William Cook
Location : Phoenix, AZ.
Years Experience : 25
Cranes Operated : Small & Large Hydro / Lattice Boom Truck or Crawler / Tower Cranes.
List Certifications : CCO Certified on Large Hydro & Tower Cranes
Contact Phone Number : 623-764-4743
E- Mail :

William Cook

Name: Toby Kenton
Location: city, state: Vail, AZ.  
Years Experience:15 yrs. operating cranes 
Cranes Operated: Sm./Lg. Hydro-
Lattice truck -Lattice crawler-Tower 
List Certifications: CCO Certified in all
5 categories 
Contact phone number with area code:(520) 400-4241 

Toby Kenton

Name: F. " Cruz" Zepeda
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Years Experience: 12 General & 10 Years Operator
Cranes Operated: Sm/ Lg. Hydro / Lattice Boom Truck & Crawler / Tower Crane
Certification : CCO Certified Sm./ Lg Hydro / Lattice Boom Truck & Crawler / Tower Crane /
NCCCO Rigger / Signalperson Certification - OSHA / 10 & 30 Hour Certificates-CPR/First Aid Training.
Contact: 623-229-9005
E-Mail :

F. "Cruz" Zepeda

Name: Jason Dodd
Location: Phoenix, AZ.
Years Experience: 16 years Heavy Equip./ Cranes
Cranes Operated: SM & Lg Hydro/ Lattice Truck & Crawler / Tower Cranes
Certification: CCO Lg. Hydro/ Lattice Truck & Crawler / TowerCrane Certified
Contact: 623-810-2151

Jason Dodd

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